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Dare to Care Senior Commodity Food Program

October 24, 2017

We are pleased to announce that beginning on November 14, 2017, we will began distributing Boxed Food and Cheese  at the California Community Center located at 1600 W. Saint Catherine Street, Louisville, KY 40210.  Please feel free to contact Andrea Caldwell for an Application at (502) 881-6677

California Community Center, West Louisville

July 30, 2017

Join us in our Outreach mission and Work Initiatives to Revitalize and Beautify the California Community Neighborhood. 

We need Your Skills and Talents​ (Volunteers, Mentors, Tutors, Etc.)

We Want To Hear From You!

July 1, 2017

Would you like to join me as an Ambassador for "One Love Louisville"?  If Yes, or Maybe,

Please submit contact information Below on the Website, Let's Talk.

How would you define the role of an Ambassador?

We Want To Hear From You And Your Community!

July 1, 2017

What activities would you like to see in your Community? 

Louisville League of Women Voters

June 10, 2017

On June 5, 2017 the Louisville League of Women Voters held their Annual Meeting and Dinner at Bellarmine University, Frazier Hall.

Richard Beliles, of Common Cause was presented with the 2017 Citizen Award

Andrea Caldwell, of Caldwell Community Resource Center was nominated and accepted as 2nd Vice President on the Board of Directors.

It is an honor and privilege to accept the position of 2nd Vice President, and, I would like to request the assistance of our Community to help us make a change or difference.  Thank you.


June 10, 2017

Working Together

Today, I listened to the Interview with Dave of AMPED on WLOU/WLLV Radio 104.7FM speak about this Awesome FREE program for the Youth in Louisville, Kentucky.

Quotes from the Website: Link

AMPED is a free youth music program that aims to provide a safe environment for youth to explore their creativity through music.

AMPED will provide free access to education, instruments, music therapy, technology and performance opportunities for Louisville's young minds to thrive through the power of music. Local musicians are invited to hang out in the studio as volunteer mentors.

AMPED kids receive hands-on training of the music business through production, distribution and marketing. AMPED participants have the opportunity to learn song writing, music composition, recording, engineering, audio equipment setup, video, photography, web design, marketing, and more. AMPED helps students to find their own inspiration through music


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