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2nd Vice President - Louisville League of Women Voters

Ambassador - One Love Louisville, Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

Motivational Speaker, Author, Executive Director, Advocate, Community Leader

Meals On Wheels Volunteer


AARP Community Leadership Academy 2016 (Inaugural Class)




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Andrea T. Caldwell

After developing type 2 diabetes due to a prescribed medication, Andrea Caldwell has become educated on the disease and has successfully gotten her numbers under control. Sam Upshaw Jr., CJ

Her Story: Caldwell was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes earlier this year after a prescribed medication raised her blood sugar level to 500. "I just felt like I was going to die," said Caldwell, who had moved to Louisville from Georgia in 2014 to take care of her first grandchild. "I was praying and God was like 'Do you want to live?' and I thought about my grandson and why I was here and I'm like, 'Yeah, I do.'" So she began arming herself with information, which included consulting with a chronic disease specialist and traveling to Shelbyville for a diabetes management class. "Just having that outlet or that social network, it made a huge difference." Caldwell is now working to create a resource center in Louisville to help people learn about diabetes - and other chronic diseases - and not feel alone. She hopes to raise enough money to open it next year.


Quote: "Every day that I wake up is an opportunity for me to do something good because I'm still here."

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